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Jamie Murray United States

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About me

I am a tenth year educator who loves children! I am single, fun loving, and wish to meet my soul mate by the time I am 50!


Calm and quiet.... I work in a hectic environment, so when I go home, I close the blinds, light the candles, and turn off the phones!


Country and Christian

Movies and TV:

All of the Shrek Movies, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Cold Case Files, Unsolved Mysteries, Ghost Whisperer, and DOG the Bounty Hunter! :)


I can take them or leave them. Mostly, I leave them....


I appreciate the finer things in life, but I am really not much into the fine arts. I have been to the ballet and the opera. The ballet was wonderful, but I could not comprehend the opera... I love paitings from all walks of life (especially sunflowers


I am easy going and want to help everyone. Unfortunately, some people see this as a weakness and try to take advantage of it! :(


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